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Writing is a funny business


Writing is a funny business.

On one hand, most writers want nothing more than to write all day long. We dream of abandoning our day jobs and throwing ourselves whole-heartedly into the arms of our muse. On the other hand, most writers will do just about anything to avoid writing. Yesterday, I promised myself that this week I would re-devote myself to finalising my latest book and start the submission process. So far today I have cleaned my office, done suddenly urgent work towards my day job, had a cup of tea, paced, trawled a website and booked a ticket to a talk. I opened my work-in-progress file, faffed with a paragraph, closed it and sent an sms. Oh, then I paced a bit more. We’re having our wooden floors sanded, so I have an excuse to pace. Also, I have new boots. I can look at my feet when I pace. They look great.

Do you see what happens – not only am I avoiding writing; I even side -track myself when I write about writing.

A lot of people far wiser than me talk about the bum glue needed to be a writer. And that, really, is the trick.

Start with the joy, as my wise twitter friend Mandy Collins blogged about ( and then apply bum glue.

Well, it’s failed for me today. I started with an office tidy and my bum glue is broken. But the sms I sent might have given me a way forward and I managed. . . albeit with a few distractions – to write this blog.

And maybe, tomorrow, I will remember as I wake up that I am a writer. And I will remember that I have a dream. And I will start with the joy and take baby steps and make that dream come true.

Or maybe, I’ll tidy my office again.


4 thoughts on “Writing is a funny business

  1. Brilliant! And spot on. Hope you find the glue…

  2. I totally relate, down to the pacing. It’s 12h57 and I’ve just finished cooking chicken soup from scratch just to avoid opening my PC.

  3. Ah yes, i know it well!
    (Mandy collins link not working for me :(. )

  4. Love your writing so sending bum glue vibes x

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