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My grandmother’s knees did not cook


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at my mother's knee

I learnt to cook at my mother’s knee, but my mother did not learn to cook at her mother’s knee.

(She is pictured here ON her mother’s knee.)

My mother’s mother – Lilian “Lali” Kahn Klein – was one of 7 children born to Latvian immigrants Ida and Ludwig Kahn. Ludwig was a plumber (and by all accounts, a bit of a philanderer) and I can only presume that Ida cooked for her 7 children – I imagine kosher food from the old country. But Lali married well when she married my grandfather, Elias “Jumbo” Klein. Jumbo was the child of Russian immigrants – allegedly close relatives of Trotsky who fled Russia through Germany, abandoning the telling name “Bronstein” and becoming Kleins along the way. Jumbo was clever and with an engineering degree from MIT, he became one of the founding directors of Iscor.

So Lali did not need to…

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2 thoughts on “My grandmother’s knees did not cook

  1. Love it Gail. Look forward to reading more. I think we can all write about our mothers . . .

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