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Cooking in the deep end

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at my mother's knee

Recipe: Joyce’s Chops

The first time that I learnt what cooking for a family every single day was like was when I was 16. My mother had a hysterectomy – which back then was a bigger operation than it is now – and it got infected. She was flat on her back for six weeks, and my dad and I had to cook.

Two funny stories from that time before I go on:

The one is that my dad made this really dreadful dish of bananas wrapped in ham and covered with cheese sauce – only he couldn’t remember how to thicken cheese sauce so he just kept on adding more and more and more flour. . . it was inedible.

The other funny one was when I asked my dad to buy “a few” potatoes while I was at school, and he bought 20kg. For a family of three.

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