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What grown ups cook

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at my mother's knee

Recipe: Roast chicken and veg

When I was little, and my friend Susan and I played house, Susan was always pretend roasting pretend chickens. For her, it was the epitome of grown up behaviour. Maybe she was right, because the first thing that my mother formally taught me to cook, when I was about 9, was a roast chicken.

Everyone should be able to roast a chicken – it’s really easy and it can be a family supper or a special occasion meal. There’s something about a roast chicken that is comforting and makes the eater feel nurtured. And most people, except vegetarians, like it. It’s the most inoffensive of dishes.

My mother’s basic rule for roasting – for roasting ANYTHING – was to cook it at 180 for two hours. This feels kind of counter-intuitive – surely lamb and beef and pork and chicken can’t all be cooked the…

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