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Comfort dip

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at my mother's knee

Recipe: avocado dip

On Mother’s Day, if your mother is dead, you will always feel a little bit sad.

We weren’t actually that big into Mother’s Day in my childhood home – something I now regret – and my mother’s mother actually died on Mother’s Day, so my mom wasn’t the biggest fan of the day. But still, I miss my mommy.

So yesterday between listening to my children tell me that I didn’t really deserve the cards that they made me, and feeling quite hard done by that I don’t have a mom of my own, I needed some comfort food. And one of my favourite comfort foods dates back as long as I can remember – avocado dip and tomato chips.

So great is my love for this dip that it caused me to also love mayonnaise. This is what happened. When I was little – very little…

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