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A tale of a biscuit

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at my mother's knee

Recipe: Renate’s biscuits

This is a tale of biscuits, but it takes us down various memory paths, so you must concentrate.

My father had a friend called Francois Naude, who was an artist but was also in advertising. My dad was a bit older than him, and I think had almost mentored him from when he was very young. Francois was a talented cartoonist, and my guest loo has three of his “cat” drawings hanging in it.

Francois, in the time before I was born, was married to a potter called Jenny. When they got divorced, my parents uncharacteristically stayed friends with both of them.

Jenny went on to have an interesting time of things. She met a man called Sam, and together they worked on a pig farm in Stellenbosch where we had a fabulous holiday looking after baby piglets (and a dog ate my Monchichi toy, causing terrible…

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