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Rotten Bananas

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at my mother's knee

Recipe: Banana Bread

I have searched for a specific memory of banana bread, but there are none. There is a general memory – like a thread through my life – of bananas disappearing and banana bread appearing and being devoured. Banana Bread is, of course, not something you PLAN to make. It is something that you HAVE to make because suddenly the bananas have gone off and now you have a bunch of rotten fruit and you’re either going to chuck them, or bake.

(Except for that one time when I was all ready to make it, and then opened the bananas and they were too far gone and I had to go and buy new bananas especially for the banana bread and felt like the universe was out of balance.)

I quite often chuck out bad bananas but then the guilt, the crippling guilt. And, of course, the lack…

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